Sunday, 4 December 2011

Ham off the Bone

Gerns Ham off the bone offers real ham off the bone flavor. When you buy Gerns Ham off the Bone you can be assured that it has truly been cooked from hock to butt. Gerns using a unique World Patent ( No: 2002233022) insures that when the bones are removed no excess fat is consumed and the consumer can clearly see the Trade Marked Gerns Notch (No: 1303081) which guarantees the consumer that the ham has truly been cooked on the bone.
By buying Ham Off The Bone you can be assured its 100% Australian Pork. Ham cooked on Bone cannot be imported with the bone intact.
So if your deli is slicing Ham Off The Bone , its 100% Australian Ham Off The Bone, guaranteed!!!.
Patent No: 2002233022
The Gerns Notch:Trade Mark No: 1303081

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